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  • B&S Cheung Fung Cookers
    Purpose designed for ‘cheung fun’ steaming, the B&S rice roll steamers are capable enough for use in the most high volume, high traffic commercial kitchens. Steam generated from within the water tank is fed into the cooking area covered by an aluminium perforated plate that allows..
  • B&S Noodle Cooker
    The B&S Combination range of noodle Cookers and Soup Warmers have been designed to complement the changing demands of customer needs. B&S has designed a cooker with greater flexibility, which can be used for noodles, a soup warmer, rice pastry steamer and dumpling steamer.  Featu..
  • B&S Water Cooled Pot Steamers
    The B&S Yum Cha Steamer has been designed to meet the vigorous demands of Asian fast food kitchens and restaurants. This unit is heavily constructed on an inner stainless steel frame that prolongs your appliance’s life. Knowing how demanding the yum cha trade is, B&S have designed a..
  • B&S Waterless Heat Exchange Steamers
    With water conservation in mind, B&S have developed a Yum Cha steamer which does away with the need for water deck cooling whilst ensuring that the exposed surface temperatures are kept to a minimum and the deck of the appliance will not buckle. The new design incorporates a concealed wat..
  • Goldstein Pasta Cookers Gas
    Pasta Cookers – Gas Flat Bottom – Stainless Steel Pan Face & Sides Stainless Steel Pan, with 2 S/S baskets per pan 5 large portion control baskets with stainless steel holder WARRANTY: 12 months Parts & Labour Size : 450W x 704D x 1120H(Manual fill); 80Mj; 90Kg ..
  • LUUS Noodle Cooker
    • Powerful 65mj burner with Flame Failure and Pilot as standard • Variable high-low control valve for rapid boil or simmer (no thermostat) ideal for high volume cooking of noodles and pasta • Convenient rear water spout and quarter turn tap assembly • Holds up to 35 litr..
  • LUUS Rice Roll Steamer
    • 65mj/hr burners • Thermostat controls for consistent steaming • Comes with steam plate and lid Standard Features: • Piezo ignition, flame failure and pilot as standard • Stainless steel exterior including side panels • Sturdy steel frame constructi..
  • LUUS Yum Cha Steamer
    • Powered by 175mj/hr Mongolian burner • Water cooling design to maintain unit longevity • Comes with water tank, skirting and 7 hole insert • Suitable for 20-22inch steam racks Standard Features: Piezo ignition, flame failure and pilot as standard • Stainless..