B&S Griddle Toaster

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A combination unit which is a must for every ‘fish and chip’ outlet. Each griller toaster is constructed with a heavy duty cast iron cooking plate which is ideal for cooking on due to its heat retention and non-stick properties. Ceramic tiles located above the burners help distribute heat simultaneously to the grilling plate and toasting compartment, while individually regulated burners can be adjusted depending on meal output requirements.


A concealed waste gutter at the front of the appliance allows for rapid cleaning during peak period and empties out into a large capacity removable grease collector. All units are mounted on adjustable stainless steel legs, and come with an open under shelf for storing cooking utensils.


Features and Benefits

304 grade stainless steel used

Large concealed scrap gutter

Open under shelf for storing of utensils

25mm thick heavy duty polished cast iron cast

Large waste bin which handles busy work loads

Constructed on solid mild steel frame

Heavy duty cast iron plate

Standard 18 month warranty

Size : 720W x 820D x 1300H; 45Mj

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